6 Ways Saunas Can Help You Lose Weight

The key to improving your quality of life is a healthy lifestyle! If you’re like most people, busy lives and exhausting schedules get in the way of every attempt to be healthy, whether that is making time to hit the gym or cook multiple healthy meals a week. What if I told you there was a fast and easy way to lose weight? What if I told you that you only need to make time for 30 minutes of pure relaxation? I know, I’d be skeptical too, but saunas are the answer to these major questions and to your weight loss needs! 

Do saunas help you lose weight? The answer is yes, but the reasons behind these weight loss benefits aren’t as simple as the actual sauna sessions. 

Here are 6 ways saunas can help you lose weight!

Boosts calorie burn 

Regular sauna sessions are great for burning extra calories! Increasing your body heat creates a cycle of calorie burn. This increase in heat can speed up your metabolic rate by up to 20% which allows your body to keep burning calories for hours after your sauna session. The temperature is also measured to increase your heart rate by at least 30% causing your body to consume more energy by burning more calories.

Lose water weight… a lot of it! 

Be prepared to sweat it all out! This is the most instant benefit of regular sauna use as you should feel lighter immediately after your sauna session. The increase in your body heat causes you to sweat out all of the excess water stored in your body. 

However, the loss of water weight isn’t permanent but it does contribute to the glow your skin will have and the positive psychological effects of weight loss. 

Most importantly, make sure to stay hydrated!! Drinking cold water can also help your body burn a bit more calories as it takes more energy for your body to ingest. 

Improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure

The increased heat in the sauna increases your heartbeat which improves blood circulation throughout your entire body allowing your cells to get more nutrients and oxygen. This improved functionality also requires more energy which your body consumes through burning calories. 

Studies have also shown that saunas aid in lowering blood pressure, allowing your body to focus on other things like healthy weight loss. 


Saunas have been known to detoxify your body of toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals and wastes that have entered through foods and daily life. Sweating helps flush out excessive heavy metals such as copper, zinc, and mercury, which ultimately allows your body to burn fat more effectively because these metals aren’t affecting your metabolism as drastically anymore. Expelling harmful toxins in the body also gives you more energy for exercise!. 

Research has also discovered that the heat and rays from sauna therapy have been able to deeply pierce fat cells, increasing the blood flow to that area and also detoxifying it. This often results in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite and a smoothing of the skin. 

Relieves muscle and joint pain

Sauna heat therapy goes deep into the tendons and muscles to release tension and promote faster healing. The increased heat causes the body to increase the production of white blood cells which target pain sites and reduce swelling and inflammation. Saunas decrease tension in your body, improve the mobility of muscles, and help generate healing. The relief of pain causes your body to function more efficiently which can lead to weight loss. 

Less stress and better sleep

Life can be extremely stressful which causes sleepless nights, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and the inevitability of weight gain. With just a 30-minute sauna session, your body can feel rejuvenated and rested. Stress and tension in the body cause overeating tendencies and also increases the production of cortisol which makes it harder to lose weight. Sauna therapy allows your mind and body to enter a relaxed and meditative state which reduces stress and releases endorphins. 

A lack of sleep is known to cause unhealthy food cravings and even just unnecessary food consumption as your body tries to replenish its energy stores. Reduced stress levels make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, allowing you to reap all of the intended benefits. 

Life is hard, make it easier by treating yourself to a healthy and easy weight loss journey! Everyone is different, so keep in mind that although these are researched benefits of sauna therapy, they might not affect everyone the same. 

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