Reduce your Stress

Whether you come home from a hard days work or need a place to decompress from the gym, a home sauna will provide the relaxation and peace that you need to recover. Help your body spring back to life in the warmth of a home sauna.

Help your Heart

A sauna has been shown to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac death. Take the opportunity to help your health today by getting a home sauna today.

Connect with your Family

Have the perfect space to connect with your family in the warmth and love of a sauna. Join with a space that has for thousands of years served a site of community and coming together.

Every morning untold millions of Americans rise for their morning shower, beginning their day with the warm awakening that another workday has begun, and yet most overlook the incredible benefits that the heat of the water and steam can provide for one’s health. The healing benefits have been recognized, however, since time immemorial by the Finnish of Northern Europe. The Finns have long built and maintained structures to harness heat and steam to experience the purifying effects of sweat, in so doing bequeathing to the world the sauna. Today, Finland and its people are some of the most prosperous, happy, and healthy in the entire world. Is there a connection?

In short, a sauna is a place where one goes for relaxation and leisure, a space where you endure high temperatures so as to perspire and cleanse your body and mind. But beyond the enjoyment that saunas provide their health benefits are often unappreciated, as they have been medically shown to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac death. In addition, the steam of a sauna cleans one’s skin and pores, giving you healthier, and younger looking, skin. Whether you need a place to relax after an intense workout or a hangout on a cold evening, the Sauna is the perfect place to go!

The sauna also provides a refuge for one’s mental health, being a place either of warm gatherings with family and friends, or simply a place for one to meditate in peace. There is a Finnish saying “saunassa ollaan kuin kirkossa,” one should behave in the sauna as in church, and even the word for soul used to refer to the stream of the sauna. For many, the sauna is their place of refuge from a busy and impersonal world, providing a space to recuperate while also enjoying the invigorating energy of its heat. A quick session will relax your body and mind and help you to fall asleep, getting you ready for the new day ahead!

You may be asking yourself: “I do Hot Pilates and take warm baths. Doesn’t that do the same thing?” Perhaps! But each has a different purpose: Hot Pilates is meant for an intense, sweat-inducing workout, while a sauna is meant for relief and decompression. In fact, many people use the sauna after pilates or a workout to relax! (Just make sure that you have a sufficient cooldown beforehand) With a warm bath or shower, you would be missing out on the particular experience of the steam itself, and you would not be able to reach the same temperatures that a sauna can provide. But most importantly a sauna is a meeting place for your peers and loved ones, creating a special bond between those who share it.

For those who have never experienced a sauna, check your local gym or community pool to find out the joys of this ancestral art. And for those who regularly use one, take an extra moment next time to appreciate the purifying effects that the sauna provides. So sit down, relax, and let the sauna work its magic!