Do You Burn Calories In A Sauna: The Answer Revealed

When people are trying to lose weight, they often think of the conventional ways of going about it, and also some others that have less of a proven success record. You have probably seen supplements advertised on TV that claim they will cause the pounds to melt away, and some of them also claim they’ll increase virility, cause men to regrow hair, and all manner of other nonsense.


Many people are sensible enough to realize that these sorts of pills, the merits of which have not been verified by the FDA, are not going to do everything that they claim. But other scenarios sound more plausible, like weight loss through sauna use. So, do you burn calories in a sauna? Can a sauna be an effective weight loss tool?


Saunas and Weight Loss


The answer is yes; you do indeed burn calories in a sauna. If you are using one of the far infrared saunas that are showing up in more and more people’s homes, then weight loss is going to be one of the benefits that you can enjoy. However, if you’re trying to lose fifty pounds, then you shouldn’t think that just because you’ve started to use a sauna that the weight is going to disappear instantly. It’s going to take hard work, and no pill or sauna is going to remove that aspect of the process.


Exercise and Sauna Use: The Perfect Combination


If you look at your time in the sauna as supplementary to your exercising and eating right, then you’ll be setting yourself up for success. You can burn up to 700 calories in each sauna session, and it can be the perfect accompaniment to a yoga class, a brisk jog around the neighborhood, or a session of free weights either in the gym or at home.


There are many additional benefits that a far infrared sauna can have on your life, so don’t think that weight loss is the only reason to get one. It can be a part of a new active lifestyle for you, and the burning of calories is just the tip of the iceberg. Considering that a far infrared sauna can also clear up your complexion and help you with chronic pain management, you’ll likely be eager to go out and get one for your house or apartment.