Does Regular Far Infrared Sauna Routine Help Improve Mental Health?

Saunas calm your mind and body. Does science back it? Yes. Now, let’s find out how it works!

Several research findings reveal that there are various physical health benefits of sauna bathing. Sauna bathing helps people with bronchitis and asthma to breathe easier. It also reduces the chances of heart diseases and hypertension. Today, the sauna is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to treat health issues. 

The heat from the far infrared sauna improves mental health, relieves anxiety, and exerts calming effects. Often people who are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and seasonal affective disorders have significantly had a low level of serotonin. Science proves that when we stimulate skin and its tissues, it activates the serotonin releasing cells. Serotonin plays a critical role in enhancing feelings, happiness, and well-being. 

To help the patients have a normal level of serotonin, doctors often prescribe antidepressants. Apart from the depressants, you can also have several ways that can help you cure mental health problems. And, the good news is sauna therapy can help you with the following issues. 

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Appetite Loss
  • Anxiety and Stress

Let’s dig a little deeper into how a regular sauna will help you have better mental health. 

Mental health benefits of Saunas

According to the studies, a regular far infrared sauna can be used to treat mildly depressed individuals with appetite loss and other related problems. 

Mood enhancement and reduce depression 

Since the sauna heat is stressful on your body, your brain produces euphoric hormones to deal with it. The euphoric hormones that are strengthened as a result of the far infrared sauna therapy improve well being and promote pleasure. So if you are using saunas regularly, then you will be happy consistently. Secondly, when you sweat during and after sauna therapy, it increases your energy and mental satisfaction. The whole-body heat therapy also reduces depression in cancer patients. 

Far infrared sauna reduce anxiety and relieve stress

If you have been struggling with chronic anxiety and stress, then you should try out sauna therapy. The therapy lowers the cortisol level in your body, which is the primary stress hormone. Studies show that saunas can also relieve state and trait anxiety. Continuous sweating during the sauna improves relaxation and reduces the feeling of anxiety and frustration. 

Reduces the Risk of Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia is one of the significant diseases today. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death among Americans next to cancer and cardiovascular disease. An estimated number of 160 million people will be affected by dementia globally by 2050. Since there is a lack of effective treatments available to treat dementia, therefore simple tools may help you with its prevention. You can get rid of this life-taking disease by going through sauna therapy.  

A longitudinal Finnish study shows that sauna health benefits include reduced risk of dementia. It also reduces the risk of memory disease in men aged between 42 and 60. Having two or three sauna sessions every week will decrease the risk of dementia dramatically. 

A deep good night’s sleep is essential for better mental health and physical well-being. Infrared therapy induces sleep modulating effects caused by disruptions in the circadian cycle. 

Saunas increase norepinephrine levels

Saunas help you improve norepinephrine levels in your brain. This hormone is a neurotransmitter that enables you to improve focus and attention. Having a regular sauna therapy allows you to improve the norepinephrine levels in your brain. Apart from an increased level of this hormone, heat stress also strengthens the ability of your body to store norepinephrine for later release. Although you can also have medication to improve your focus and attention, saunas are a great alternative treatment you should pay attention to. 

More mental health benefits of saunas

Sauna has several mental health benefits, but if you have a particular medical case, it’s essential to talk to your doctor first. Seek advice from your medical professional and integrate sauna therapy to your daily routine to help to avoid stress, depression, and anxiety. Whether you like the softer infrared sauna heat or dry saunas, then you will always get the right type of sauna. 

Additional sauna health benefits

Spare 20 minutes every single day to achieve a meditative state by sitting in a far-infrared sauna. This practice will help you organize your chaotic thoughts, ponder possible solutions for your every problem, and de-stress your mind and body. 

The heat penetrates your body, tissues, and muscles and stimulates blood flow. During the sauna therapy, inhale deeply and exhale to enjoy the benefits of saunas on your brain. Your brain needs an abundant supply of oxygenated blood to function properly, and you can better achieve it through a nice and comfy sauna therapy.