Does Time In An Infrared Sauna Help You Lose Weight? We Reveal The Answer

Every New Year, it seems like millions have weight loss at the top of their list of resolutions. But how many of them accomplish that goal, and of the ones that do, how many can keep the weight off? If you’re one of these people, will you turn to fad diets, supplements, or obscure products that guarantee results? Here’s the truth about weight loss, and the answer to the popular question “does sauna help lose weight?”


The Role of the Far Infrared Sauna In Weight Loss


To answer this question, we will be examining the relationship between weight loss and the far infrared variety of sauna. These are the versions that have become so popular for home use. Many people swear by the therapeutic powers of these saunas. They’re affordable, not at all difficult to install, and you can operate them using very little electricity. But do they help you lose weight?


Essentially, yes, they do. When you spend some quality time in an infrared sauna, you’re being subjected to far infrared rays, the same as those produced by the sun. You get the benefits of those rays without the harmful UV light that puts you at risk of sunburn. The heat also causes your heart rate to elevate, and it is the same for your body as if you were undergoing mild exercise, like a brisk walk. You can lose up to 700 calories from a forty minute session.


A Sauna Is Not A Weight Loss Shortcut


So yes, a far infrared sauna does help you lose weight, but you can’t expect to slim down significantly just by sitting in the sauna every day. If you have a weight loss goal that you’re trying to meet, and if you’re trying to keep that weight off, your best chance of achieving that aim is to overhaul your life. That means eating a well-balanced diet with lots of whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. It means limiting sugar, sodium, and processed foods, and it means exercising regularly in conjunction with your sauna time.


A far infrared sauna can help with weight loss, but it should only be one of the tools in your wellness arsenal. Don’t rely on it exclusively or you are bound to be disappointed, and then you’ll think of it as only another snake oil weight loss fad that failed to work for you. Think about a far infrared sauna as just one of several components that can help you lose weight and keep it off, and your chance of achieving measurable results is much higher.