Eight Amazing Infrared Sauna Benefits For a Healthier You

All living things on earth require the heat of the sun for optimal health, and infrared saunas produce that exact same infrared heat. Some of the biggest infrared sauna benefits are the increase of thermal energy in the muscles, tissues, and joints within the body, and the ability to help those who are dealing with chronic diseases and conditions too. 

Infrared heat is everywhere and we’ve come in contact with it by sources like fire, the warm sand on the beach, and the sun. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths similar to that of visible light. Far-infrared waves are thermal whereas near-infrared waves are not hot at all-you can’t even feel them. Both near and mid-infrared waves capitalize the benefits of far infrared waves.

Here are 8 benefits of infrared saunas.

1. Promotes Weight Loss and Increases Your Metabolism

Using a sauna regularly generates a boost in the cardiovascular system similar to that of running, according to the Journal of the American Media Association. When you relax in the infrared heat, your body is pumping blood through your veins, producing sweat, and is ultimately burning calories. 

How so? The increase in your metabolism created by your body’s increase in sweat production to cool yourself down forces your heart to circulate blood at a much faster rate. This process results in burning off calories.

2. Relief From Muscle Pain

With an infrared sauna creating a temporary increase in blood circulation to the muscles, this may offer short-term relief of arthritic pain and muscle aches as well.

Far-infrared heat aids in reducing muscle tension which helps your muscles to relax overall. With an increase in the thermal energy in your muscles, this allows for a greater range of motion and flexibility too.

3. Get A Good Night’s Rest

Having a cool body temperature is important for when you go to bed at night. When it’s summer and you’re having difficulty falling asleep, it’s because your body is too warm. It’s much easier for you to fall asleep when your room is dark and cooler. 

If you were to use an infrared sauna before bed, you can “hack” into your body’s process of preparing for sleep. This is done by warming the body first and allowing it to cool down directly after. This cool-down quickens the process of your body and brain to relax thus falling asleep easier. 

4. Detoxify Your Body

Without a doubt, sweating is a great way to rid your body of stored chemicals like heavy metals. Remaining in a sauna for an allotted amount of time is a perfect detoxification procedure. Believe it or not, infrared saunas are also a great outlet for those who are sick. The heat of the sauna itself allows for an aid in healing and recovery. 

5. Diminish the Visibility of Cellulite On Your Body

The far-infrared heat from infrared saunas can temporarily reduce cellulite by the increase of thermal energy within muscle tissue. The storage of toxins in fat cells and the slowing down of the body’s metabolism have a direct link between the two. Infrared saunas use far-infrared heat which, like we’ve stated before, makes the body pump blood faster. This has the ability to reverse the collection of liquids in fat cells to diminish the visibility of cellulite. 

6. Help Alleviate Joint Pain

Infrared heat can temporarily ease joint pain and stiffness. An increase in thermal energy to the joints promotes an increase in blood flow and circulation. The increased blood circulation can reduce stiffness, joint pain, and allow for an increase in the range of motion. 

7. Reduced Stress and Fatigue

Individuals claim to feel rejuvenated and relaxed with only spending even a few minutes in an infrared sauna. These same individuals say that the saunas help release built-up tension and stress that they may have been holding in for some time. If you are an individual who can splurge on having an infrared sauna in your home, it’s like having a 24-hour spa at your disposal. 

8. Promotes Healthier Skin

After being in a sauna, you are more than likely to sweat profusely. Because of this, this allows the impurities within the pores to leave. Altogether, this means infrared saunas can help clear up the skin. With the increased rate of blood circulation while inside in an infrared sauna, it can also aid in reducing the risk of a few chronic skin conditions. 
There you have it, those are eight health-minded infrared sauna benefits! Do you see yourself trying out an infrared sauna in the near future?