Everyday Wellness with an Infrared Sauna

In this day and age, wellness has become an increasingly important aspect of our day-to-day. People are finding that self-care habits like meditation and infrared sauna sessions are invaluable to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Wellness activities are no longer exclusive to those in immediate pain. By incorporating self-care on the daily, people are having a cumulative effect on their overall health and happiness.  

When the pandemic hit, many people were forced to transition to remote positions, where they were suddenly at home all the time. This new environment reminded people of the concept of work-life balance. The stress of a global health crisis, political turmoil, and other emotional burdens motivated people to integrate more wellness into their routine: before work, after work, and during work. In this way, expectations for work-ethic and productivity started to shift. 

Employers have been experimenting with new work schedules in order to accommodate people’s well-being, including cutting hours or days in the workweek. According to a recent study on Microsoft Japan’s employees, four days of work (instead of five) actually increased productivity by 40%. In other words, those who are overworked will not necessarily produce more work (or quality work). People who work too many hours may actually deteriorate faster and become dissatisfied with their position; thus, they are less likely to contribute any additional value to the company. They will do the bare minimum. Conversely, those who are given more reasonable hours and expectations will shine with quality work and motivation. 

Studies are proving time and time again that self-care is not just an excuse to not work. More of our population is struggling with mental health, physical ailments, and personal trauma. How do we work through this? By allowing people to relax, breathe, and recalibrate every now and then. We no longer have to feel guilty about taking care of ourselves. Here are some of the best ways to integrate wellness into our everyday: 

  • Spark Joy in the Morning – Your morning routine doesn’t have to feel boring or monotonous. (And it shouldn’t.) Start your day by doing something you love. Drink your favorite tea, meditate, go on a short walk, cuddle with your animal, or write in your journal. Anything that can help you stay in the present moment and think positively will turn your whole workday around.
  • Always Hydrate – If you haven’t heard it enough, then we’ll tell you again: drink enough water! This will benefit both your body and your mind. Water boosts the immune system and energizes you for the day ahead. Keep a water bottle beside you while you’re working so you can replenish yourself throughout the day. 
  • Try Breathing Exercises – Unconsciously, we hold our breath when we’re focused or stressed. This can have negative affects on our bodies. Oxygen is essential to keeping our brain working properly. If you are feeling stressed, try closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths. Try to ground yourself in the present moment and wave away any pesky thoughts that might be causing anxiety. 
  • Know When Your Work Day is Done – For many of us who are passionate about our jobs, it can be difficult to leave our work problems behind when we clock out. However, this is essential to having a work-life balance. Work should stay at work, that way we can fully relax and unwind when we go home. Incorporate activities that help you transition out of your work-mind. An infrared sauna session can be the perfect way to start your night of relaxation.
  • Check-in with Co-Workers – For some people, it can feel isolating to only take care of ourselves. In fact, it is natural to want to take care of others as well. So, listen to that instinct! Check-in with your friends, family members, and co-workers to see how they are doing at work. Trade stories, advice, and just listen to one another. This can help both of you achieve calm at the end of the day. 
  • Know When You Need a Break – With work and family, life can feel overwhelming at times. The best way to prevent a major illness or mental breakdown is to be more self-aware. Notice the signs of stress and know when to carve out a break for yourself. It may be as simple as running a bath or taking a walk in your neighborhood. The little breaks that you take to recenter yourself will help in the long run.