Have Your Infrared Sauna at Home

People strive for a natural solution for their health issues; stress, skin, muscles, weight loss, and several other issues.

Some people use different medications and chemicals, which have absolutely zero effects when a few sessions of an infrared sauna can give you better results.

An infrared sauna sweats out all the toxins in your body. It can be your magic pill.

Men and ladies go to spas and health centers, paying a great deal of money when they can have their infrared sauna at home!

Want to know more? Check out all the information you need to know about the home infrared sauna and its health benefits!

What is an infrared sauna?

Nowadays, the Infrared sauna is one of the most evolved therapies. Infrared sauna hones thermal therapy. It warms up the body heat by using light waves. Some would call it a ‘light bath’.

The atmosphere in the infrared is more bearable to your body than the traditional sauna so you can linger longer there than in the normal sauna.

Manufactures stated that 80 percent of the heat would go to the body while 20 percent would work on heating up the body.

An infrared sauna works differently than your traditional sauna. The traditional sauna would make the air hot to warm up your body. However, an infrared sauna uses infrared light to have your body warmed up.

Infrared runs well in a low degree temperature which can range from 150˚F to 180˚F while a traditional sauna may not function in a low-temperature atmosphere.

Health benefits of infrared sauna

The benefits of the infrared sauna are the same as the traditional ones which are:

  •  Fat burning

Infrared sauna has shown good results when it comes to fat burning. It has been proven that it can help you lose weight in the waist and the lower part of your body in three months. So, instead of knocking yourself out in the gym to lose weight, you can just sit and relax. Let the infrared sauna do its sneaky job!

  • Relaxation

Thermal therapy is said to play magic on a stressed body. Through the Infrared sauna, you can get rid of muscle pain and stress, as it helps in relieving unwanted tension by the soothing warmth it releases.

  • Detoxification

Every day we consume toxins either through food or the air we breathe. One of the health benefits that infrared benefits provide is the ability to detoxify your body.

It has been affirmed by several researchers that your body needs to sweat to get rid of all the toxins inside. An infrared sauna can be your optimum solution for a detoxifying perspire. In an infrared sauna, your body can get rid of all the toxins that include dirt, oils, bacteria, dead skin, and many other dreadful substances.

  •  Clear skin

The infrared sauna is the perfect solution for those who want to rejuvenate skin cells. The enveloping warmth of the infrared sauna can permeate your skin deeply which improves blood circulation, directing the nutrients to your skin, leading to rejuvenation.

The infrared sauna works as a pore cleansing tool, protecting your pores from unwanted breakouts.

Also, ladies who always seek anti-aging remedies. Trust me this is your best natural remedy for your wrinkles as infrared sauna gives you fresh younger-looking skin

  • Promotes brain function

An infrared sauna is known to stimulate a brain-derived neurotrophic factor known as BDNF which helps in enhancing your neuroplasticity and protecting the exciting cells.

  •  Better immune system

The enveloping heat contributes to boosting heat-shock protein, enhancing accessory cells, as well as freeing cytokine, therefore it boosts your body’s immune system.

How to use your infrared sauna?

If you have an infrared sauna at your home, have a look at certain guidelines on how to use your home infrared sauna.

Clothing: you can either go in a swimsuit or you can go naked. Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Hydrate: before going into the sauna, make sure that you are well-hydrated. You have to drink at least one glass of water beforehand. You are also free to grab a bottle of water in the sauna with you.

Adjust the temperature: If you are a beginner then your average temperature would be 100˚F, and as your body adapts to the sauna heat you can reach up to 150˚F

During the session:  take a moment away from stress. Just relax and let the heat envelope your body. You can meditate, listen to music, whatever you feel like doing. However, don’t fall asleep inside!

Time length: Beginners can stay from 10 to 15 minutes, and in every session, they can add time until they reach 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t stay later than 30 minutes, it may lead to dehydration. Make sure you set the timer in the sauna before the session!

After the session: when you are done with your session, take it easy and let your body cool off. Once you feel back to normal, drink plenty of water, and feel free to bathe.

The number of sessions per week: the recommended number of sessions per week is three to four times per week. If you feel up to it, you can use your infrared sauna on a daily basis. 


Ø Do not have a sauna session if you drank too much alcohol.

Ø If you feel feverish, it is best not to use an infrared sauna until you get better.

Ø It’s okay to feel lightheaded after the sauna, just make sure that you stand up slowly after your session and hydrate as soon as you finish the session.

Ø For people who have health conditions, make sure that you get your doctor’s approval before entering a sauna session.