Here Are Some Healthy Sauna Benefits

For those who are in the know, sauna benefits are more than just gossip. The far infrared sauna is even more beneficial than the traditional variety, due to the method by which the heat enters the body. Rather than the air around the person being heated, they are gently impacted by infrared radiation. We are influenced by far infrared heat other ways, too. What some people don’t realize is that the sun’s rays are a perfect example of a delivery system. When you stand in the sun, the heat you feel is of the far infrared variety, unlike the ultraviolet radiation against which we must protect ourselves. People who do not receive the proper amount of far infrared light can become depressed or ill. Here are some other benefits of a far infrared sauna.


Infrared Light Keeps The Body Strong

Use of a personal infrared sauna can help strengthen the body’s immune system. This is because it stimulates increased production of white blood cells by the bone marrow. It also lowers lactic acid, which makes our joints sore. It burns calories, up to 600 for a thirty-minute session, and it also kills some parasites and bacteria. It stimulates endorphins and improves overall blood circulation.



People from many walks of life, especially athletes or those who are trying to stave off illness, swear by regular sauna sessions as a way of inducing hyperthermia. Also known as “fever therapy,” this is where you sit in the sauna every other day to get a high dose of far infrared energy. The intent is to produce a higher core body temperature to help fight infections and allow minor wounds to heal faster. The body supports the assertion that this is beneficial. Those who incorporate regular sauna time into their routines see faster tissue repair, be it from injuries or intense workouts.

The more you learn about far infrared sauna benefits, the more sense it makes to get one and install it in your home. Your whole family can enjoy a healthier lifestyle once you have it, with boosted immune systems, less sickness, and a complete sense of wellbeing.