How Sweating In The Sauna Improves Your Skin

If you want your skin to glow – sweat it out. That’s the word from dermatologists and scientists. An after-sauna glow means acquiring deep beauty.

The full spectrum infrared sauna is widely used in gyms, health spas and resorts around the world, especially when it comes to skincare.

Researchers have found that regular sauna sessions of up to 20 minutes can help you maintain optimal skin condition.

And, who doesn’t want beautiful, young skin? See why we are suggesting you try this steaming treatment for your skin:

Collagen production

Did you know that your skin is mainly composed of collagen, a protein? It gives our organs and body tissues elasticity and strength. When you are in the sauna, collagen multiplies and recovers faster.

Full spectrum infrared sauna therapy clears dead cells faster, promotes healthy and renewed cell growth, and glows the skin.

Deep cleaner

A large amount of sweat can wash away dead skin and bacteria while supplementing the skin with necessary nutrients and minerals to maintain collagen structure, avoid wrinkles, and even fight acne. Sweating is a way to rejuvenate the skin, almost like a way to exercise muscles to make them active.

Facial brightener

Full spectrum infrared sauna heating can increase your pulse rate by at least 30%, double your heart pump volume, and make your skin temperature rise to about 104 °. Increased blood circulation explains the rosy glow of the complexion.

Natural moisturizer

Another study found that regular use of the sauna results in more stable epidermal barrier function increased hydration of the stratum corneum, and faster recovery of dehydration and increased skin pH. 

The lower level of the stratum corneum that protects the skin Damage can change the pH of the surface, which can cause infection or damage.

Promote circulation

In the sauna, your sweat production and blood circulation increase dramatically. It means your body is trying to maintain its temperature. Doing so will increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to organs, especially the skin.

When you sweat, faster blood circulation helps to clear skin tone and helps remove dirt and oil.

With better circulation, heat relaxes muscles and stimulates endorphins, a feel-good chemical that glows inside and out.

Pore ​​washing

Our skin pores, and especially our face, are easily clogged with dry skin cells, oil, dirt, and bacteria from the environment. Blocked pores can cause spots and acne, but heavy sweating and steam from the sauna environment can open up skin pores. This means that spots and any other pore-related skin problems will not occur so often.

Did you know that saunas are also perfect for your health? In addition to bringing amazing results to your precious skin, they also bring other benefits to your overall health and well-being.

When you are in a warm, quiet space and your muscles are heating up, as your muscles relax, blood circulation improves, releasing the body’s “happy” hormone, endorphins. This can help alleviate stress, which is a huge benefit.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is also great for flushing the body’s unwanted toxins that come from the environment or food, and also helps with soothing soreness. Also, the saunas are particularly popular among athletes who typically use them after exercise to release any harmful toxins.

What are our favorite health benefits from the sauna? For one, they can help with sleep (and thus, your skin glows after a beauty nap)! When your temperature rises in a warm sauna, it takes your body some time to return to a normal temperature within the next few hours. This “calming” period can put you in a dreamy, aloof state.

For best results, clean and moisturize your face and body after your session. The heat of the sauna can dry your skin, so if you have sensitive skin or certain skin conditions, try not to use it. Always ask your doctor first if you are unsure if the sauna is right for you.

However, the sauna has a multitude of skin-friendly benefits to make you feel great.

Have you tried an infrared sauna or spa? What are your reviews about infrared sauna? We hope you share it with us in the comment box below!