Infrared Sauna & Healing Heat Therapy

Chromatic colors have unique effects on our physical and mental health! 

Color therapy or chromotherapy is one of the oldest cures in the world. When the combination is used correctly, it can help harness the energy of sunlight and enhance the body’s natural healing ability. It can not only cure diseases but also prevent diseases.

A standard infrared sauna often uses a safe portion of the light that penetrates into the body and accelerates the healing process. There are several standard sauna colors with various effects on your body. Let’s explain how each kind of sauna helps you speed up the healing process and more! 

What are the standard sauna colors?

Red is one of the brighter tones that can boost energy and increases the excitement. It can rejuvenate and provide power to the body. When used with infrared, it can help promote faster healing. Collagen cells and the skin itself are improved.

Orange is similar to red, and it can stimulate thinking and improve mood. Increased energy levels can significantly improve a person’s overall mood.

Yellow is considered a spiritual color. It is a color for relaxation, confidence, and optimism. 

Green is generally a calming and repairing shade. Many people with SAD (depression in winter due to lack of light) usually get relief from the green light. It can bring clearer thinking and clarity. It has been suggested that the green light enables the body to respond by increasing the healing that has occurred.

Blue can also relieve depression. It calms inflammation, headaches, and blood pressure. Many medical offices have images of blue sky and white clouds because this combination is very calming and relaxing.

Purple has proven to help people with real pain often. It has been shown to help patients with fibromyalgia. The purple spectrum can even stimulate white blood cells. Very soothing.

Features of colored lights as a sauna

A low emf infrared sauna may be helpful when combined with the effects of chromatic phototherapy. It’s a fun, interactive way to hover over various icons to change the color of the sauna image, revealing how your feature looks when you rotate between multiple shades.

Colored light therapy is the use of glowing light to stimulate the senses, the body, and the mind. The range of colors used is endless, and it can improve mood, produce a peaceful mind, stimulate cell regeneration, and help heal.

White light has the same effect. White light can increase vitamin D levels. Vitamin D (actually a hormone, not a vitamin) is essential for many body functions and hormone production.

When sunlight hits the skin, we get vitamin D3. Our body gets vitamin D3 from sunlight during winter or when the sun is below 45 degrees.

White light as an option for color therapy

Although we may not think of white light as something unique or special, it can bring huge benefits when used in light therapy. Interestingly, white light is the most common in LED therapy:

It uses three primary colors (red, green, and blue), making it easy to benefit from all colors used in color therapy. Studies show that white light can even increase vitamin D levels.

Although the evidence for some benefits is empirical, we have plenty of room to use the chromotherapy in low emf infrared sauna. Consider using this feature in a sauna and enjoy the double benefits in a 2 person sauna.