Infrared Sauna Presents Many Health Benefits

Medical science has long known that sauna use is good for people. The question that remains, however, is whether the infrared sauna are the superior option or whether you should go with a traditional sauna that produces steam heat. In making that decision, there are several factors that you should consider.




It’s not common for you to find a private residence that has a steam-producing sauna. The reason for that is because they’re too expensive, and they take up too much room.


Because they produce steam, they can also be harmful to certain home fixtures that might be around them. If you want a steam-based sauna, you should therefore get a membership to a gym or health club.


As for the infrared sauna, part of what makes them so appealing is that you can install them in your home. Because they produce no steam, they’re safe to install anywhere: in your basement, on your back deck, in your den, you name it. All you need is an electrical outlet.


You can also use it in privacy that way, assuming no other members of your family are around. Some people are not comfortable using a sauna in a communal setting, and that’s what you’re going to get with a traditional version in the gym. At home, you can sit in your infrared sauna in your underwear or a bathing suit, and there won’t be anyone else around.




The other significant difference between steam saunas and infrared ones is in the intensity of the heat.


Steam saunas usually operate at much higher temperatures than infrared ones. Some people like that high temperature, but others prefer the lower settings that you get with infrared saunas, as the light beams penetrate the body.


It’s a different sensation, and if you aren’t sure which one you’d prefer, you’ll need to try them both to see which one seems better for you.


In the case of both saunas, you should experience relief from aching joints, a lessening of muscle tension, and deep relaxation. Whether you want to get those things away from your home or inside of it could be the determining factor that makes you decide between the steam sauna and the infrared one.


Whichever you choose, you should incorporate sauna use into your life. You’ll soon wonder how you ever did without it.