Infrared Sauna Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive

Many people are discovering infrared saunas and changing their lives. Word of mouth is part of the basis of this revolution in physical and mental wellness. Another part of it is probably infrared sauna reviews online. It seems that for those who purchase a single or multiple person infrared sauna and install it in their home, very few have anything negative to say about them. So, what is it about these saunas that makes them so attractive for home ownership? Let’s look at some of their better qualities.


The Difference Between Infrared and The Traditional Steam Sauna


Part of what some people find so objectionable about the traditional steam sauna is the high heat at which they operate. Steam saunas run at close to 200 degrees, while with infrared saunas it is much less. They may be running at half the heat, but the sweat that you are working up is far more cleansing to your body. That’s because, with an infrared sauna, you are being heated from the inside out.


The waves from an infrared sauna penetrate deeply into your skin. This causes all of the toxins that are lurking beneath the surface to come out when you sweat. Heavy metals, residue from pesticides, and other contaminants are all emitted through your pores. That’s a claim that steam saunas can’t make. When you sweat in a steam sauna, all you’re losing is water. In the infrared sauna reviews that you read online, that is why so many people report feeling refreshed at the end of their sessions.


The Next Frontier In Pain Management


Many of us deal with chronic pain, whether from an old sports injury, a sore neck from a fender bender, or maybe it’s a degenerative condition that has come on as we’ve aged. These sorts of hurts that don’t seem to heal can make us miserable. Tylenol and Advil will only take us so far, and some people are reluctant to go on medication from a doctor, for fear that it might be addictive or habit forming.


A far infrared sauna has provided an ayurvedic solution for many of all ages and backgrounds. Because the heat loosens the muscles and eases joint pain, many of the online sauna reviews touch on this as well. People who were hardly able to walk now find themselves back on their feet again. That’s huge news for so many with painful ailments.


There are many reasons to make a far infrared sauna your next significant purchase. The reviews reflect that, which is why more models continue to hit the market with each passing year.