Infrared Therapy Benefits For New Mamas & Breastfeeders

Did you know? A home infrared sauna can be an extremely beneficial form of therapy for new breastfeeding moms. 

Infrared light is known to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. It has also been clinically proven to address many of the symptoms associated with the postpartum period, including pain relief (muscle, joint, and chronic pain), fatigue, anxiety, and overall inflammation caused by pregnancy.

The following information has been found helpful by other new moms, but we must remind you to follow up with your personal doctor or OB/GYN for further medical advice on the matter.


Infrared is a soft, radiant heat that can penetrate 1.5 inches below the surface of the skin and raise body temperature by nearly 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

The primary point of the many best infrared sauna benefits is the significant increase of blood circulation while using the sauna. Hormones are always changing, and the body tends to have poor blood circulation during pregnancy.

For breastfeeding mothers, the circulation of infrared light can help fight duct obstruction and mastitis. Almost every nursing mother will encounter at least one blocked duct, and even if it does not become infected (mastitis), it is excruciating.

The best treatment is heating, and the infrared heat is a gentle way to prevent and treat blocked ovary ducts.


All who have undergone pregnancies experience a mild systemic inflammation in the body. This is part of what happens when a woman gives birth to a baby and it is perfectly normal.

Infrared rays, especially far-infrared rays and mid-infrared rays, can penetrate the soft tissues of the human body and can reach inflamed places. 

It significantly increases circulation in the body, enlarges blood vessels, delivers oxygen throughout the body, and helps reduce inflammation to healthy levels.

Fatigue and pain

All new parents, whether mothers or fathers, experience postpartum fatigue. This is inevitable even with very calm and relaxed newborns. Most new mothers experience pain in their entire body during this time because of the intense physical labor the body goes through after giving birth. Every new mother suffers some sort of pain, even if the reproductive trauma is relatively minor. However, the home infrared sauna has been shown to relieve pain and chronic fatigue.

The main reason for this is that infrared light penetrates deeply into joints, muscles, and tissues to increase blood circulation, carry oxygen in the body and reduce inflammation, thereby enhancing our healing response overall.

Anxiety and depression

Infrared has been shown to release endorphins and other positive neurotransmitters in our brain, helping to fight depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorders.

Scientists have yet to understand how the mechanisms behind infrared light, especially near-infrared light, support the dramatic reductions in anxiety and depression seen in recent research.

Given the increase in postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression, as a precautionary measure, infrared therapy may be beneficial for all new mothers.

Alone time

Taking some time out of your day to ensure self-care by having a useful sauna session can be extremely beneficial. 

Being a new mother can be one of the most overwhelming things one can experience. New mothers should constantly be reminded to make time for themselves. Between breastfeeding and loving your newborn babies, it is important to find some alone time to relax and ease your mind. Simple activities like bathing and chatting with a friend can be very beneficial for your mind and body. 

Milk supply

A clinical study found that ceramic infrared plates applied directly to the breast can indeed increase overall lactation.

Some mothers believe different factors can affect milk supply. Different types of teas and herbs, for example, have been known to control the supply of breast milk. Although this may not work for every mom, some women have seen a difference while trying different things. It is a matter that varies depending on every women’s body and the stages of postpartum they are in.

No Negative Effects

In terms of scientific research, home infrared sauna has no known adverse effects on postpartum or nursing mothers.