Lesser-Known Infrared Sauna Benefits

While there are many known infrared sauna benefits, there are some that are touched on less than others. First, let’s go over some of the commonly discussed benefits that people associate with infrared saunas. 

Three Commonly Known Sauna Benefits


If you’re thinking the first of the sauna benefits we’ll mention is detoxification, then you’d be correct. When discussing sauna health benefits, more than likely their use to remove toxins and harmful substances via sweating will be one of the first mentioned. The toxins, which we are exposed to through the air we breathe as well as the foods we consume, are expelled through sweat and this process is expedited by time spent in infrared saunas.

Lowering Stress

Lower levels of stress are often attributed to daily sessions of resting within infrared saunas. Consistent sauna-goers tend to be focused and calm, utilizing their time within the sauna as a means of meditation to maintain healthy cortisol levels and dispel any stress they might be harboring.

Stretches Muscles

If you were to ask someone who they might think would be a regular sauna-goer, they would more than likely say athletes. The reason being is that many people associate saunas with a post-workout practice to alleviate tension and stretch one’s muscles.  

Three Lesser-Known Sauna Benefits

Reduces Blood Pressure

Similar to a conventional sauna, far infrared sauna benefits its users with a reduction in the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Research concluded that thirty minutes in a sauna lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Strengthens Your Immune System

You are less likely to catch a cold if you are a regular infrared sauna user. The deep heating that raises your body’s core temperature induces an artificial fever. Your body responds to this by stimulating and strengthening its immune system so as to ward off any potential infections.

Improves Kidney Functions

Time spent in your sauna can improve your body’s kidney functions. While many attribute detoxification as a benefit of saunas, that thought does not often translate to their impact on the kidneys’ activities. Some doctors recommend that it might be beneficial for those on kidney dialysis. 

The list of infrared sauna benefits continues to grow as more scientific studies examine regular sauna users. People are becoming increasingly conscientious of their health and are curious as to which ways to improve themselves are efficient, both in time spent and cost. Fortunately, it has never been more convenient or affordable to buy sauna than it has today!