Let Us Fill You In On Infrared Sauna Benefits

It’s possible that you’ve heard about some infrared sauna benefits, but you’re unsure about what’s true and what isn’t. There’s information out there about what regular sauna sessions can do for you, but precisely what is an infrared sauna? How does it differ from the traditional version? And most importantly, can it do all of the things about which you’ve heard? Allow us to answer each of those questions for you.


How Is An Infrared Sauna Different?

An infrared sauna differs from the traditional version in that it uses radiant heat. In that respect, it is much more efficient. The sauna user is warmed directly and their temperature is raised that way, rather than the air around them being warmed. More than ninety percent of the heat is absorbed into the body, yet at the same time, infrared saunas run at a much lower temperature than traditional saunas do. The version of a sauna with which you might be familiar runs at about 140-220 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be uncomfortable and overwhelming to some people. An infrared sauna runs at 90-170 degrees Fahrenheit, though of course, the home versions are completely adjustable.


So What Does It Do?

The short answer to that question is: all kinds of things, and every one of them is good for you. In Europe, beauty specialists have long used infrared saunas in daily programs to reduce cellulite in their clients. With far infrared heat, you’re getting a concentrated dose of the same heat produced by the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. When you spend time in the sauna you feel happier afterward, which is especially useful if it’s winter and you live in a region where it gets bleak and cold. Infrared sauna use as a mood regulator is being incorporated more and more into the treatment of patients who are clinically depressed.


In addition to all of that, they’ve become not only affordable but easy to install. They’re adjustable, comfortable, and they take up very little space. You could have one in your den, your basement, or a corner of your office. The only limit is your imagination.


You should have a better understanding at this point of what an infrared sauna is, and what they’re all about. This is one instance where you can believe the hype. Thousands of people have brought infrared saunas into their homes, and they are enjoying the benefits from them. You can be next to change your life with an infrared sauna.