Sweat Effortlessly: The Benefits Of Using An In home Sauna After A Workout

The truth is: when you exercise, you sweat!

One goal behind a regular exercise routine is to get rid of toxins through excessive sweating. But what if you can sweat … without exercising?

An in home sauna session is very beneficial after exercise because the sweat generated by your body during the sauna can penetrate the cell level, which promotes the body’s detoxification process. Infrared heating can also help muscle recovery and reduce muscle pain after exercise.

You don’t have to be in pain after exercise

The infrared in home sauna can generate three levels of infrared through infrared technology. These include near, mid, and far-infrared waves–each of which benefits the human body in different ways.

We all know how sore our bodies become after strenuous exercise and it usually takes a few days to recover. For recovery after exercise, near-infrared is excellent for cell growth, muscle recovery, and strengthening the immune system. 

Infrared saunas are said to help restore injuries commonly associated with sports injuries, such as sprains, strains, and muscle spasms.

Post-workout cleanse

Although the exercise process has detoxified our bodies, we still absorb pollutants from the environment (for example, inadequately ventilated fitness centers can affect customer toxin levels). 

Also, specific outdoor environments (such as roadside trails) can increase air pollutants. Exposure to carbon dioxide emissions from cars can offset the health benefits of exercise, such as lung capacity.

In this case, infrared sauna therapy can become an essential function of your daily exercise. Post-sauna exercise allows you to relax, meditate, and enjoy the added benefits of detox cleansing.

Far-infrared rays directly heat the body and raise your core body temperature, causing sweat to wash away harmful toxins that may accumulate in the environment during exercise.

Lose weight while exercising!

It is not a secret that most of us want to lose or maintain weight.

Although moving the body is the most effective way to burn kilojoules, relaxing in the sauna can also help accelerate metabolism by increasing heart rate and cardiac output. So, you can essentially “exercise” without actually exercising!

Although your daily exercise should not only include sitting in the sauna, the use is essential for proper maintenance of heart, breathing, brain, and bone health. During sauna exercise, the role of metabolism is enhanced, which helps lose weight.

Safe use of in home sauna after exercise

After exercising, your body is more tired, so it is best to make your exercise in the sauna short and sweet. Plan to stay in the sauna for no more than 20 minutes to avoid being overworked.

If you are using a sauna for the first time or are unfamiliar with this method, you can start with smaller time intervals. Your body will tell you if you are spending too much time after exercising. Watch for symptoms such as dizziness and headaches, as they may indicate that you are dehydrated or overheated. After exiting the sauna, be sure to drink 2 to 4 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. 

Some essential exercises, like walking or swimming, can increase blood circulation to muscles to help recovery, but more activity may disrupt the recovery process. To get all the benefits of a post-workout sauna, make sure you get plenty of rest and stay hydrated!

For people who can’t exercise physically (such as those with osteoarthritis, cardiovascular or respiratory problems) or who have inconsistent exercise plans due to various factors, infrared sauna therapy is essential to maintaining a high quality of life.

If you want a relaxing sauna experience with a partner, look for a 2 person sauna. Let us know what your sauna experience has been like so far in the comment section!