The Best Sauna Is The One That Keeps You Healthy

There is some debate about which is the best sauna out there, and it probably goes back to what you’re trying to get out of your treatment. If you like a higher heat and the steam of a conventional sauna, then a health club or gym should be able to provide that for you. There are also the far infrared varieties of sauna, and these have grown in popularity for home use. It is true that far infrared saunas provide some benefits that steam saunas can’t touch, so in that sense, they may be considered the “best sauna” by some people.


Cancer Therapy


If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then time spent in a far infrared sauna can be a helpful treatment, especially if the disease was caught in its earlier stages. Along with chemotherapy, spending time in an infrared sauna multiple times a week is a proactive approach to eradicating cancer cells and retarding their growth. Infrared saunas also speed up the production of T-cells and white blood cells, both of which your body needs to fight off cancerous growths. The sauna also boosts your body’s production of interferon, which is another necessity for cancer-fighting. Those benefits alone may be enough for the far infrared model to earn the title of the best sauna in some people’s minds.


Your Immune System


Time in the far infrared sauna also gives your immune system a much-needed boost. It seems like we all know that person who’s always sick, or maybe we’re that way ourselves. Nobody likes having to constantly battle every bug and virus that’s making its rounds through your home or office.


With the cleansing sweat brought on by time in the infrared sauna, you’re fighting back against germs and bacteria. Allergy symptoms, sinus problems, and chronic infections and flu bugs don’t stand a chance against regular sauna usage. When you sit in a far infrared sauna, your body produces what are called heat shock proteins. These are potent stimulators to your immune system. If your immune system is compromised, you’ll get sick more often, but if it’s running at peak efficiency, you’ll be better prepared to force out any invaders.


With these facts in mind, the winner seems clear. The best sauna is the infrared version which is now easy to install in your home. The health benefits of the steam sauna don’t measure up.