The Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Whenever you’re looking for rest and relaxation, the answer may not be immediate to you, but a sauna is a solution to the built-up stress that you have accumulated inside of your body. With that being said, however, not any sauna will do when it comes to acquiring the sauna health benefits that you seek. Indeed, it would be an infrared sauna that could bring you the relief that you want and in this article, we shall explain how and what it does to help you.

How Infrared Works

First, you need to understand what an infrared sauna is capable of as well as what it can do to help you. Firstly it uses heating infrared lamps built-in certain locations in the sauna itself so that it can warm up the enclosed area. Since it uses infrared heat instead of just heating the air, however, the heat itself can penetrate the body more efficiently and thus more benefits are reaped from the process you are undergoing. 

Stiffness and Circulation

Now that you understand how an infrared sauna works and how it can give you sauna health benefits, it’s time that you understood what benefits that you can reap from it. Chief amongst them all would definitely be assistance in relaxation which in turn would help your body sleep better with less general stiffness and toxins plaguing your body. This detoxification can also assist you in reducing the amount of soreness you have in your muscles while also improving your blood circulation, improving your quality of life, and health overall.

Core and Toxins

With your core body temperature also being raised as a result of being within the sauna, you will also have a stronger immune system. This will not only increase the health and effectiveness of cells in your body that are fighting off harmful bacteria or germs, but the sweat that your body pushes out will carry harmful toxins out of your body, expediting the detoxification process that you’ll want to use to your advantage. 

Cardio and Blood Pressure

Undergoing infrared sauna sessions has also been known to improve your blood pressure, lowering it to the point where your heart and your blood’s natural cardio are moving at a rate where you need it to be in order to maintain or improve your health. Repeating this process throughout the week can help maintain this level of blood pressure that you desire so that the effects that the sauna has on you are more than just temporary or fleeting.

Burning Calories

Speaking of cardio, you will also get the benefit of having a passive form of cardio from the sauna as well. Some sessions, at the right temperature and/or right amount of time, can allow you to burn 600 calories per session, making losing weight and improving your general health a very viable option for yourself. If you make time to have around 3 sessions per week then you could easily drop yourself to a weight that’s much more healthy and manageable in your eyes. 

Skin Care

On top of everything else that an infrared sauna session can give you, it also gives your skin a new lease on life, purging any specks of dirt or oils that clog up your pores. In fact, you may as well consider a sauna session to be an exercise for those very pores, which cause them to expand and to shove out the bad stuff via the sweat that comes out. It’s an excellent way to deal with irritants such as acne, eczema which do no favors for your skin if left unattended. 


There’s no denying the overall positive experience that a sauna can give you and it should be taken advantage of for your long-term health. With the methods through which saunas have evolved and changed with technology, things can only look up for those who appreciate the experience.