Use A Far Infrared Sauna For Muscle Maintenance

Many of us like to have the freedom to move around. Whether it’s from exercise, travel, or just daily routine, we all experience muscle aches and pains. This can make it difficult to keep up an active lifestyle. However, if you own a far infrared sauna, you can easily cope with soreness and be able to reclaim your freedom of movement. 

Sitting in a warm and relaxing far infrared sauna is an effective way to cope with muscle soreness and pain. The heat emitted from a home sauna kit is an excellent source of pain relief, especially for stiff or sore muscles. 

The heat helps your blood circulate and immerses affected areas in a soothing warmth while also healing any damaged tissues. While blood flow intensifies, muscle stiffness decreases. As a result, you feel much better. 

What Are Far Infrared Waves? 

In general, infrared energy is warm. The body can soak up this healing energy better than other methods of alternating heat. 

The far infrared waves penetrate deep into the tissues and muscles. This gentle heat repairs damaged tissues. It is best to use infrared heat inside a far infrared sauna as it can enhance muscle recovery and also improve muscle flexibility. 

How Does Far Infrared Therapy Help Muscle Recovery?

One of the main benefits you can enjoy from far infrared sauna therapy is recovery of damaged tissues and muscles. Research has revealed that warm infrared waves are quite effective in this recovery process. 

It is a well-known fact that infrared heat can alleviate natural pain in a specific muscle, joint, or deep tissue. Since this technology is possible, it is crucial to put an end to irritating pain in nerve endings. When eased from pain, muscles around the nerves will stop spasming. 

When inside the sauna, your body goes into standard pain relief mode; it relaxes into the process of healing. You can improve your flexibility and range of motion by stretching while you’re in the sauna. When you have a normal range of motion, all your muscles, joints and tendons are properly safeguarded, which helps your body protect itself from other potential injuries. 

Far infrared heat increases B-endorphin levels and decreases ACTH levels which results in an enhanced mood and pain reduction. 

How Does Far Infrared Heat Work On The Body? 

Far infrared wavelengths work by penetrating tissues, joints, and muscles, which efficiently increases blood flow and provides better circulation. The heat that is produced from a far infrared sauna reduces pain and muscle spasms to help your body to relax and heal naturally. Far infrared heat therapy is very useful for many types of pain – particularly back pain. Regularly using a far infrared sauna can provide the much-needed pain relief you need!

Additionally, using far infrared sauna therapy, especially after vigorous exercise, has shown to have advantages as well. It is a well-known fact that infrared heat decreases the lactic acid build up in the muscles. Lactic acid is what causes the muscles to ache and feel sore after exercise or any physical activity. 

The advantage of far infrared waves is that they can seep deep into the muscles, about two inches, which boosts the blood circulation in the body’s cells. This enhanced blood flow similarly transports fresh nutrients and oxygen to drained muscle cells and removes waste products. Also, the recovery time is exceptionally faster. 

Installing a far infrared sauna in your home can provide you with an excellent tool to achieve better overall health, especially if you regularly exercise or have a job that involves a lot of physical labor. 

How Does A Far Infrared Sauna Improve Your Training?

After an intense workout, your body can experience aching and burning sensations, so the idea of relaxing in a sauna is most welcomed. However, besides helping you unwind, a far infrared sauna can improve your overall health and enhance your fitness levels. 

It all boils down to how long you spend in a far infrared sauna – and it isn’t as long as you think. If you exercise on a daily basis, all you need is 30 minutes in a far infrared sauna to gain benefits such as stress relief and cardiovascular health. In a study done with distance runners who had 30-minute sauna sessions after training, researchers saw an enhanced athletic performance after only a few weeks. 

Complementary Therapies in Medicine published a study that revealed how 25 minutes in the sauna has similar cardiovascular benefits as an exercise session with moderate intensity.

Runner’s World reported that one of the biggest advantages in sauna use is the effect on blood pressure activity. Blood pressure climbs during the time an individual spends in the sauna and then gradually falls right afterward, which encourages heart health and endurance.

Using a far infrared sauna, while incorporating proper nutrition and sleep cycles, gives you the freedom to move around as you please.