Use Of A Far Infrared Sauna Can Relax You

Many people are hearing for the first time about far infrared saunas, and they are curious about them. Maybe it was a friend or a family member who mentioned them, or perhaps someone was speaking about them in passing at the gym. The thought of having a sauna of your own to use at home whenever you like is an appealing one. You can get the relaxing effect that heat provides as often as you’d like. But is a far infrared sauna safe for regular use? Here are some of the most critical details about these increasingly popular saunas about which you should know.


The Far Infrared Sauna Difference


Far infrared saunas have some things in common with traditional dry saunas, but there are some differences as well. Light and heat therapy is what you can expect with the infrared variety, as light from an infrared sauna penetrates the skin up to 1.5 inches. This light is not harmful, though, as it is the same kind that is being provided by the sun, but without the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to humans after too much unprotected exposure.


Our cell membrane structure is affected by the light, but it is not harmed. Using a far infrared sauna for 20-30 minutes per session multiple times a week is therefore considered safe by doctors. Pain reduction is the most commonly reported effect of this treatment, as aches from sore muscles are reduced. Minor weight loss effects have also been noticed in some cases, but that is not the primary reason most people use these saunas.


Safety Concerns


Because you will be sitting in the intense heat for several minutes at a time, it is recommended that you start with a lower temperature setting for a shorter period, then work your way up to a higher setting and a more extended session if and when you feel up to it. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, it is a smart idea to consult with your doctor before trying out a far infrared sauna.


You’ll also want to avoid alcohol and sauna use and be sure to drink lots of cool water after your session to replenish any liquids that you have lost. Time spent in a sauna can have a therapeutic effect that goes beyond the physical. Sauna time can be a chance for some quiet contemplation and reflection on whatever is going on in your life. Or, alternatively, you don’t have to think about anything at all. You can close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and drift for a few minutes in the relaxing heat.