We Tackle The Question “Does Sauna Burn Fat?”

People who are looking to lose weight turn to all kinds of sources, some of which are more successful than others. There are the more extreme options, like liposuction or stomach staples. But those are only for the significantly overweight, and far more common is the desire to lose five or ten pounds from the trouble zones around the belly or thighs. There are always the old standbys, diet and exercise, and then there are more unconventional methods like supplements and sauna use. For those who are curious, today we’ll be examining the question “does sauna burn fat?”


Fat Burning Capability of the Far Infrared Sauna


The far infrared sauna has grown more popular for home use, and with good reason. They are more affordable than their steam producing cousins, and they’re not a drain on your electric bill. There are also benefits like speedy healing and skin rejuvenation that steam saunas don’t offer. But does a far infrared sauna help you burn fat? The answer is “sort of.”


To say that the far infrared sauna “burns fat” may be a bit of an overreach. What time in the sauna does is burn calories, up to 700 for every forty minute session. What that means is if you’re attempting to lose weight, then you can use an infrared sauna to shave off some calories, which can be especially helpful if you are doing it in tandem with a healthy diet, reduced portion size, and regular exercise.


Cellulite Reduction


The other thing a far infrared sauna does is reduce the appearance of cellulite. We all know about cellulite, the condition where the skin has a lumpy or dimpled appearance. The thighs and buttocks are where it appears most frequently, but it can show up in other areas too. Cellulite builds up when deposits of fat push through the connective tissue underneath the skin, and most people think of it as unsightly. If you spend time in a sauna you can slow its production, and what you have will be less visible.


So, although a sauna does not miraculously burn fat, the infrared version does have its role in weight loss and cellulite reduction. It’s not a miracle cure that will transform you if you start using one the day before swimsuit season, but if you incorporate regular usage into your life, you will still see some substantial results over time.