Why You Should Avoid Alcohol when Enjoying Your Home Sauna

Having a home sauna to enjoy is a great boon to those who want the feeling of the heat washing over them and the toxins in their body pushed out. With that said, some are unaware of certain risks that can come with it. One of these risks is the most prominent name that stays in America: Alcohol. Here we’re going to discuss the risks of mixing alcohol consumption and spending time in the sauna and the dangers it can bring.


Drinking alcohol and spending sessions in the sauna can have significant effects on your body. When both of these are combined, it can have rather disastrous results if unsupervised. When you drink alcohol in high quantities, you need to understand that it can dehydrate you, especially when consuming hard liquor. Add in the fact that entering a sauna already causes you to sweat out a lot of bodily fluids. You’re going to find yourself with a significant lack of it in a concise amount of time.


This dilemma can have multiple effects, among them inducing intoxication in your body much quicker than it would regularly. The heat of saunas can widen your blood vessels, allowing alcohol to enter your system much faster if consumed before or while in a sauna. This practice can cause you to unintentionally cause a plethora of mishaps and mistakes in the sauna room, such as tripping and hurting yourself by landing on the hot rocks or infrared panels. It could also lead you to stay longer than is healthy for your body, making dehydration inevitable. 

The Heart

Another issue that can be devolved from the previously mentioned set of circumstances is cardiac arrhythmia. Such a condition leads to an uneven heartbeat, leading to further health problems if you’re not careful enough. This state can increase because the alcohol potency and the effects you’re under when in a sauna increase health risks. 

Safe Consumption

If there is ever an alcoholic drink safe for consumption, even at the borderline risk of health issues, beer would be. Beer doesn’t have nearly as much pure alcohol like wine and is a much safer drink to consume when it comes to saunas. With that said, it would be best if you don’t risk it entirely and keep in mind just how much alcohol you have consumed when it comes to spending time in your home sauna. The more mindful you are about how much alcohol you have finished, the more likely you will guarantee your safety. 

The Myth

It once was said that going into a sauna while you have a hangover is an excellent idea since you can sweat what’s causing misery outside of your body. This statement can only worsen you since your blood pressure can put your body in a critical state. Without any of the suitable fluids in your body and sweating little good stuff outside, you’re likely to suffer a heart attack more than you are to sweat out a hangover. In short, you should avoid heeding this myth for your sake and pass the word on just how false it is. 


There’s always fun with the home saunas you have, but one should exercise caution depending on your state and what you consume. It would help if you doubled this vigilance to have a wonderful experience without making such a dangerous mistake when it comes to alcohol. A sauna is a place where you gain many health benefits while unwinding and de-stressing. Once done with the session, a new individual is ready to tackle the challenges of the day. The last thing you need is alcohol being thrown into the mix.