You Can Use Far Infrared As Your Outdoor Sauna

The use of far infrared saunas has increased in recent years. This is mainly because there are people from many walks of life who can see significant health benefits from regular sessions. One of the appealing aspects of owning one is that you have the option of an outdoor sauna, in the sense that you can set yours up on your back deck or patio if it’s in a quiet location. You can shut your eyes and clear your mind, all while knowing that the relaxing heat is having a therapeutic effect that will last you for days afterward. Here’s some of what you can look forward to with regular sauna use.


Tissue Regeneration

When you use a far infrared sauna, you will achieve full hyperthermic benefits in far less of a time than you would when using a traditional sauna. In other words, you get the healing effects from the heat penetrating deeply into your body in far less time than it takes by a sauna that does not use far infrared technology. In 10-15 minutes you’re getting the same benefits that would take three times that long in a traditional sauna. You can also rebuild your injured tissue, which is useful for anyone, but even more so for athletes. Far infrared saunas effect fibroblasts in a positive way. These are the connective tissue cells which you need to repair injuries like muscle strains. At the same time, you’re promoting protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, and growth of cells. For your tissue to repair itself and regenerate, your body needs to do all of these things.


Recharging Your Battery

Humans need far-infrared wavelengths of the kind that are provided by these sorts of saunas. If you’re looking at the electromagnetic spectrum, far infrared wavelengths are between 5.6 and 1,000 microns. Wavelengths between 6 and 14 microns are considered to be the most beneficial to humans in terms of promoting overall health. The energy output from a far infrared sauna very closely matches the human body’s radiant energy, and a very high percentage of the far infrared waves reach the skin during a session. This will help you to feel energized when you integrate regular infrared sauna use into your life.

Whether you’re using the sauna to promote your body’s natural healing capability or because you want to boost your mood and wellbeing, it works wonders for both goals. The best part is that these saunas are now so affordable and easy to install that it makes sense to own one regardless of your financial situation. Get a far infrared sauna and start enjoying its amazing benefits today.