You’ll Never Regret Getting An Infrared Sauna For Your Home

You might have heard about the favored method of detoxification, the infrared sauna. Many people from all walks of life are trying out infrared saunas in their own homes, due to their now being so affordable and easy to install. The one-person version fits just about anywhere, so you can have one in your bathroom, your den, or your front hall, wherever is most convenient. You might be wondering how the sauna operates and about its benefits, so here’s a brief overview.


How It Works


Conventional saunas use a different kind of heat than infrared saunas do. In a traditional sauna, you’re just sitting in a hot room, somewhere between 180-220 degrees. The average infrared sauna is only 100-150 degrees. About twenty percent of the heat makes the air around you warmer. The other eighty percent heats your body directly. You’ll sweat faster, and you’ll be able to have a shorter period in the sauna but still receive the full health benefits that you would from a much longer session in a traditional sauna.


With the infrared variety, your body and respiratory system are not exposed to extremely high heat, as is the case in a traditional sauna. The cardiovascular system is stimulated, as are your lymphatic and immune systems. You sweat in response to that. Because of the different kind of heat, you sweat out a much higher percentage of toxins in an infrared sauna than you would in a traditional sauna. That’s what makes them such a useful tool for getting you healthy.


What It Does For You


When you get in the sauna, you’ll feel the warmth, and almost immediately start to perspire. The radiant heat deeply penetrates your joints and surrounds you entirely. Your muscles and tissues will be affected as oxygen flow is increased along with circulation. In a 10-15 minute session, you will sweat profusely, as your body relaxes in the infrared heat. You will be cleansed of toxins, metals, nicotine, and alcohol. You’ll also burn calories, as the time spent in the sauna is the equivalent of light jogging.


When you step out of the sauna, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to resume your day. Just be sure to wash yourself off, as the toxins and heavy metals will have come to the surface, and drink plenty of water, as you may be dehydrated. You’ll be doing more than taking part in some health craze. You’ll be taking a real and ongoing step toward self-care.